Why does www.employeegold.info make the offers that are published in this website?


www.employeegold.info has “tapped into” practically unlimited financial resources that need to be put to work in order to accrue profits.


The source of those resources also provides a business plan to www.employeegold.info that allows for profits to be accrued through commerce.


In short, using these resources and this plan, www.employeegold.info finds it to be very profitable to support businesses around the world in eliminating the scourge of unemployment.


However, this WILL NOT be a “free ride”… A participating business must engage in business tasks or opportunities to, in return, provide profits to www.employeegold.info


A customized business participation plan may be structured through a www.employeegold.info INFORMATION CENTER.


To be assigned a CENTER, send an email to centerassign@change2100.com